A Used Car

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Used Car Buying

Are you looking for a used car? Before you buy a used car, there are some important things you need to check in advance. Therefore, CarReport has a checklist just for you.

Print after the checklist to check your potential car


of tire profiles do not meet the guideline.
A tire must minimal
1.6 mm to profile-depth
for car safety.
If you drive
Check your
tire pressure
every month!


of people know the meaning of all the symbols on the dashboard.
Check the
car manual
to make sure
no warning lights are on!

The incorrect operation
of the
is one
of the
important reasons not
to buy the car.

Excessive oil
leakage in


of cars have
excessive oil leakage.
If you suspect an
oil leak? Go directly
to an approved garage.

Print now the checklist for
buying your used car!